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Your Trusted Pool Table Removalist in Denver, CO

Like a dining table, a billiard table can bring people together, offering enjoyable activity and social interaction with friends and family, resulting in cherished memories. Naturally, the last thing we desire during a move is to forfeit such enjoyment.

Transporting bulky and outsized items can present challenges and hazards. However, in Denver, Colorado, CP Moving & Storage LLC specializes in the intricate task of moving pool tables. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition from your valued table to your new residence or office.

Our capable team disassembles, securely packs, and transports the weighty slates, legs, and frames, deftly navigating spiral stairs and inclines to load them onto our trucks. With training encompassing a range of pool table sizes, from 6-foot to 12-foot, we relocate each without incurring any damage.

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Expert Handlers for Seamless Pool Table Moves in Denver, CO

Are you considering relocating your pool table by yourself to your new residence? It’s essential to pause and reconsider, as you might inadvertently be setting yourself up for a significant misstep.

Pool tables typically carry substantial weight, ranging from 200 to 1000 pounds, and encompass an array of intricate bolts and screws. Even with a well-intentioned group of friends, moving a pool table can potentially lead to detrimental outcomes, including damage to the table or, even worse, personal injuries.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Packaging


    Before relocation, the Pool Table are packed using protective materials to ensure no damage occurs on the move.

  • Proper Tools


    We have all the equipment, such as straps, pallets, dollies, and forklifts, needed to safely dismantle and transport your hot tub to the new location.

  • Trained Personnel


    The professionals at Pool Table moving company have the knowledge and skills to manage a safe and timely relocation.

  • Long-Distance Moving


    With our trained personnel and quality equipment, we can assist you with local and long-distance moving, taking the hassle off your hands.

  • Affordable


    Just because your Pool Tables are expensive doesn’t mean the relocation should be too. Our prices are reasonable and easily fit your budget.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we promise to provide you with the best hot tub moving services in Denver, Co.

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Pool Table Moving and Storage in Denver, CO

Relocating a pool or billiard table is a task that involves significant risk and challenge. It’s important not to underestimate the substantial weight of the table or assume that it can be managed with mere assistance. Successfully moving such a table demands more than just physical strength for lifting. The seemingly straightforward relocation process can transform into a costly mistake without the requisite technical expertise and understanding. 

Trust us with your favorite game table; our team is experienced at moving them in Denver and across Colorado states. You can utilize our storage facility if your new location is undergoing renovations and there’s a delay. Here, your pool table will be carefully wrapped in blankets and bubble wrap and then stored in a climate-controlled environment to ensure it remains in optimal condition until it reaches its new destination.

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