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Moving Luxury Pianos Safely in Colorado

Pianos are sensitive instruments consisting of fragile parts and delicate finishes. Moving it without care can easily scratch, chip, or worse, cause structural damage to the mechanical parts. 

We are aware that pianos hold a special place in your heart. Thus, CP Moving & Storage LLC strives hard to ease your worries with our reputable piano moving services. 

Our experienced piano movers understand that pianos should be gently maneuvered up and down stairs and tricky passages. They also carry specialized equipment, such as dollies, skids, ramps, and straps, to ensure safe and smooth transportation to the truck and end destination. 

Since pianos are luxurious instruments crafted with thousands of delicate parts, our experts strive to ensure that no single string gets detached during shifting. From organs to grand pianos, we have the expertise to handle every intricate detail of the moving process. 

You can peacefully rely on us to treat your piano with the same care as if it were our own, ensuring it gets to its second home in the same condition it left.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Professional and Qualified

Often packed with sentimental and monetary value, moving a piano is a big responsibility that is best left to the professionals.  They usually require extra care for their delicate machinal parts, and that’s what we are here to provide. CP Moving & Storage LLC is the go-to removalist for piano moving. Our 16 years of experience have expanded and built our expertise in safely moving pianos in Boulder and nearby areas of Colorado.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Packaging


    Before relocation, the Piano are packed using protective materials to ensure no damage occurs on the move.

  • Proper Tools


    We have all the equipment, such as straps, pallets, dollies, and forklifts, needed to safely dismantle and transport your hot tub to the new location.

  • Trained Personnel


    The professionals at Piano moving company have the knowledge and skills to manage a safe and timely relocation.

  • Long-Distance Moving


    With our trained personnel and quality equipment, we can assist you with local and long-distance moving, taking the hassle off your hands.

  • Affordable


    Just because your Pianos are expensive doesn’t mean the relocation should be too. Our prices are reasonable and easily fit your budget.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we promise to provide you with the best hot tub moving services in Denver, Co.

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Piano Storage Service During Relocation

In certain situations, your antique piano may require a temporary roof. For this, we have a secure, clean, dry, and climate-controlled environment in which your beloved instrument is wrapped in protective packaging. This will prevent your wooden and metal pianos from getting damaged by temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, as part of our piano moving service, all loading, transport, and unloading will be included, giving you complete peace of mind until it reaches its final destination. Feel free to contact us via phone for additional information about our storage solutions. You can expect all your inquiries to be promptly addressed by calling us.

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