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West Pleasant View Furniture Assembly Movers

Furniture Assembly West Pleasant View
​When you’re going to move and it’s time for the movers to come, there are a few decisions to be made about your larger pieces of furniture. The biggest decision that has to be made is whether or not the furniture is going to need to be disassembled before the movers load it onto the truck. Some pieces of furniture are simply too big or too heavy to carry through the house and onto the truck in one piece. When that’s the case, the furniture needs to be taken apart in a way that makes it simple to put back together. Our company offers this service and we also offer furniture assembly so your house can be up and running quickly.

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Anytime a large or heavy piece of furniture is disassembled, the parts must be accounted for, tagged, labeled and loaded onto the truck in an organized manner. Nothing is worse than taking apart a large dresser or wardrobe, moving, and then finding out the hardware needed for furniture assembly is nowhere to be found. Call Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. on the assembly of your furniture.

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Furniture disassembly and assembly services are priced separately from your moving costs. Some clients choose to disassemble their furniture themselves to save some money. Most times, though, they find the small amount of money they saved was not worth the effort or the worry.

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Our employees have a great deal of experience and will work with you to make the right decision concerning disassembly. Usually, our clients find that using our service is cost-effective.

We’re experts in how furniture is put together and we can take it apart, wrap it and have it loaded on the truck before you know it. Furniture assembly and disassembly are skills that only a select few have mastered. When you only need to have this done once or twice in a lifetime, it pays to let the experts handle the job.

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Items that often need disassembly include dressers, armoires, wall units, tables, and beds. Most of these are too heavy or bulky to move safely in one piece. There are some exceptions that most movers will not disassemble. Those include antiques, pool tables and furniture pieces that are glued or nailed together. In those cases, every precaution will be taken to ensure a move without damage or injury.

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Large furniture pieces can be a challenge to move but with our expertise and experience, we’ll make sure your treasures get disassembled properly and moved without incident. And if needed, we can also reassemble that furniture for you once it gets to your new place.