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Twin Lakes Residential Movers

Providing Residential Moving for Over a Decade

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.: Residential Movers in Twin Lakes

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. has been dedicated to providing you with first-class residential moving solutions! Whether it’s a local or long-distance move, you can trust us for the experience, knowledge, and care you deserve for your personal belongings.

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Residential Moving Policies and Procedures

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For any moving estimates, please remember basements, attics, and garages store a larger number of items than a normal room. Sometimes, packing and moving those rooms add extra time.

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Please make sure all pets are moved out of your home before the crew arrives, if at all possible. Please keep all dogs tied up and away from the house if they need to stay with you during the move. This will ensure the crew has easy and clear access to enter and exit.

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Our team doesn’t move propane tanks, paint, gas, oil, aerosol cans, or any items considered explosive. If you’d like us to take lawn mowers and other yard equipment on the moving truck, please empty the gas and oil.
•Please have a professional connect or disconnect any appliances, especially those using gas or water.
•Large outdoor items like patio furniture, swing sets, yard toys, and basketball hoop stands will fill up our truck more quickly.
•If you own something with an excessive value, please double check your homeowner’s insurance before your move.
•Please make sure our crew has easy access to your front door. This’ll make the move go much faster. If you live in a condominium, please make sure that our truck is able to park in front of the units. Also, reserve parking spaces and elevators ahead of time, if necessary.
Suggestions for Easy and Effective Packing and Unpacking
•If you prefer to pack yourself, please make sure items can’t move or smash together. We can’t be held responsible for any damaged items that weren’t packed by our professional movers. We are, however, responsible for any and all items our movers pack, as long as they unpack them, too.
•Consider packing any valuable or sentimental items yourself.
•Pack clothing on hangers and fold them into boxes. We also sell wardrobe boxes for your convenience. The boxes hold 2.5 feet of closet space per box and shoes can be stored in the bottom of the box. (Note: They do tend to take up space on the truck)
•Empty the contents of your furniture drawers into boxes. It’ll make it easier to move with less chance of damage. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for any damage caused by furniture moved with items inside.
•To have an easier, more organized move, color code boxes for each room at your new home. Put a note or sticker on each door to correspond with your boxes. Also, making note of what’s inside your boxes may offer easier unpacking. Make sure to let the crew know of your moving plan.
Successful Moving Tips
•Keep small valuables and any items you may need in an emergency with you (cash, checkbooks, jewelry, prescriptions, glasses, etc.)
•Be mindful of all items that can easily spill, break, or any valuables, to avoid damage to other belongings. They also could potentially harm you, your family, or our crew. Be aware of any dangerous items before packing or moving them.
•If you own any grandfather or grandmother clocks, please ensure that they’re prepared by a professional clock smith before the move. Again, our team can’t take responsibility for any potential damage during the move.
•If you own a pool table, our team suggests you contact a billiards professional for moving and disassembling. It’s important that they’re disassembled and reassembled by a trained professional, so they continue to be level. Damage waivers are available if you opt to have our movers disassemble and move it. Please keep in mind that anything they need to take apart and put together also adds time to your move.
•Particle board furniture isn’t necessarily meant to be moved; often times, it does fall apart and is damaged easily.

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