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Twin Lakes Relocation Movers

Trust Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. Corporate Relocation Experts
We have the knowledge and experience to make your corporate move as easy as possible and we promise to take care of you every step of the way.

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.: Relocation Movers in Twin Lakes

Trusted Relocation Movers in Twin Lakes CO
Frequently, corporations transfer employees from one city to another and look for a carrier that they can depend on for a series of moving projects all over the country or the globe.

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At Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc., we pride ourselves in our carrier record of On-Time Pickup and Deliveries which ensure your employees are where they need to be when they need to be. Our claim ratios are the best in the industry so employees will spend less time on the move process and more time being productive.

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We survey our moves after completion to track the performance of all participants of the relocation and publish those results in our system. Since recognition is given to the high achievers there is real motivation to be selected as an award winner, with competition getting tougher every year as the bar continues to be raised.

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Twin Lakes CO Professional Relocation Movers
From the start, your employee is introduced via telephone to Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc., the origin and destination agents. A Move Coordinator then follows up with a comprehensive move consultation with eighteen-point relocation checklist and finally a critique of the move upon completion. You should feel confident that your move will be a success whether it’s to an international destination or within the United States.

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Thinking about moving?
Here are some tips to remember that will help in your next move!
•If you are able to move any time of the year, don’t wait until summer. The summer months are the “peak” moving season. Also, the first and last days of the month are extra busy.
•Specify the exact date you want to move and when it will be convenient for an agent to visually survey your household and prepare an estimate.
•Before the agent arrives, tour your house from attic to basement. Decide what to move and what to discard. Make sure you show the agent everything that is to be moved.
•If you plan to do the packing yourself, start collecting suitable containers and packing materials.
•Set goals and deadlines to ensure that all packing is completed by moving day.
•Don’t forget to notify the post office that you’ll be moving and what your new address will be. A temporary forwarding address may be necessary if you don’t have a permanent one by the time you move.
•If you are being relocated at your company’s request, find out what portion of your moving expenses the company will pay. If your company has a written moving policy, ask for a copy.
•Dispose of flammables such as fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches, and aerosol cans. Drain fuel from your power mower and other machinery, and discard partly used cans of oil, paint, bleach, or any substance that may leak. Be sure the water is emptied from your steam iron.
•Obtain a written appraisal of antique items to verify the value. Avoid waxing or oiling wooden antiques (and fine wood furniture) before moving, because some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.
•Unplug all television sets 24 hours in advance of a move, if possible, so that they will be at room temperature on moving day. Moving a TV set in which heat is still retained could cause internal damage.
•Print these moving tips to help you during the moving process.

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