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Lakewood Safe Movers

Safes are heavy and sturdy things. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be doing their job. They were made to protect your belongings and no one is walking away with your safe. On the other hand, this makes it an issue when you want to move it. There are many ways to move a vault and all of them require skill, experience, and patience. That’s why it would be much better to call Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. when you want your safe moved. Our professional safe movers CO will relocate your vault safely and in no time!

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How to prepare for moving your safe
After you’ve hired Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. – the best of all safe moving companies Lakewood and you’ve scheduled an appointment, you need to do some small preparations. First off, our representative will inspect your safety box and give you an estimate of the moving costs. Make sure you prepare your safe’s paperwork and remove all the items from the safe beforehand. The weight of the safe, distance of the move, and the number of movers required will all affect your final moving price.

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In order to safely move such a heavy object a lot of people will be required for the job:
a small safe (75 – 200 lbs.) requires no less than two professional movers
a medium safe (200 – 750 lbs.) required at least 3- or 4- safe movers
a heavy safe (750 – 5000 lbs.) requires specialized equipment and, at least, four people

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Apart from emptying your safe, you’ll need to do a few other things before the actual move. Make sure that there is room to move your safe. Check the doorways and staircases to see if it can fit through. Next, remove all the items from your vault to ensure the movers can approach it. It is useful to have the safe’s paperwork handy when preparing for the move. If you are not sure about your safety box’s weight or dimensions you can always check. With exact dimensions, it will be easier to get a good estimate and adequate insurance.

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Why getting safe movers CO is a must
Moving is never easy. Trying to move a huge and heavy safety box is even harder if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why, when it comes to moving safes, we suggest you hire professionals. You might imagine that all you need is a strong back and a few friends from the gym, but you’d be sadly mistaken.
Relocating such a heavy and bulky item will present you with many challenges and obstacles. Sometimes, it might be tough to pull out of the wall. Other times, lifting it will present a huge challenge. But it’s not only lifting your safe that you need help with! You will have to carry it to the moving truck (or your vehicle) and load it up. This can prove as quite a challenge because navigating halls of your home will be tough – as we will explain later on. Then, you also need to worry about the other items you are transporting with your safe. If you do not stabilize your safe, it can slide around the truck and crush or damage other items. As you can see, the troubles never stop!

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This is why most of the people who think they can pull off moving a safe by themselves end up calling the safe movers CO halfway through their move. Local movers CO are always a good choice for this type of move.

Our proximity will guarantee the job done in record time, and since we are local you can do a proper check-up. It is best to hire reliable movers for any move – and the sooner you call us the sooner we can be on the case and help you move!

How do professional safe movers from Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. do it?
Even though we’ve advised against moving the safety box yourself, we are sure there’ll be a ton of people who will try it anyway. So, if you still choose to DIY, there are a few tricks the pros use you might find handy.

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