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Lakewood B2B Movers

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Your company has selected Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. to relocate your office to a new location. We understand the concerns you may have about your upcoming move.

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.: B2B Movers in Lakewood

Please take a few moments to go over this Move Guide; the information we have provided should answer many of your questions. If you need further assistance, please ask your company’s Move Project Manager or your Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. representative.
It All Starts with a Plan
Many hours of planning by your company’s moving team and Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. have already taken place. We have developed a B2B Move Plan that is designed to diminish down time and maximize your company’s efficiency. Each area has been assigned a color code and placement of furnishings and equipment are already designated. And, each segment of the move has been scheduled so we can make the best use of time in packing, loading, transporting and installing furniture and equipment.

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Keeping Things in the Right Place
Each piece of furniture and equipment will be labeled with a color tag assigned to your area. Your company Move Project Manager will assign your floor and room number. Carefully print your identification code on your labels before you affix them to items or cartons. Use a dark color marker and make large numbers or letter. (As you label furniture, equipment and boxes, record these items in your personal inventory list: reference this list when you arrive at your new location.)
Some items may have to be taken apart before moving. Make sure all parts of an item are tagged with corresponding consecutive numbers. If you need file cabinets set up in a particular sequence, be sure labels are numbered consecutively. Any item not tagged will remain in its present location.

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On Move Day
Movers need every bit of space they have to maneuver file cabinets, desk, chairs, equipment and cartons from your office to their new location. Some phases of your move may be planned with split second timing. So, resist the temptation to “sight see” at both the old and new locations. It could be dangerous and may hinder the progress of the movers. We need your cooperation for a safe and efficient move.
After the Move
As soon as you arrive in your new office, check to see if all items in your personal inventory have been delivered to you. If you have items marked for another area or if you are missing an item, contact you company Move Project Manager.

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You will then want to get unpacked and back to your normal routine as soon as possible. As soon as you finish unpacking, pull the move labels off of your cartons and lay cartons flat in a central area for removal.

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. movers exercise extreme care, damage occasionally occurs. Before establishing a claim, you and your supervisor should determine if damage occurred during the move or if it was a pre-existing condition. Report damage immediately to your company Move Project Manager so a claim can be initiated. Claims will be coordinated through your company’s representatives and Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. Moving and Storage.

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Please consider the service your company receives when making a decision about your own relocation. Call Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.. Your best move starts here.