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Genesee Storage Movers

Storage Services in Genesee, CO
Storage can be one of the most crucial parts of any move. The storage space you choose will determine whether your belongings make it through each season without getting damaged. Without proper storage, items can accumulate mold, mildew, or rot during the rainy season. Wood, glass, and stone can crack during colder months. In the summer, wood finishes and temperature-sensitive items, such as televisions and computers, are susceptible to heat damage.

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.: Storage Movers in Genesee

Don’t choose a storage space just because it has the lowest price or is close by your home, but rather by what your belongings require. The benefits of a high-end storage space will save you money by protecting your valuable items from damage. Our storage space is not a self-storage facility, meaning accessing your items will need to be scheduled. However, Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. can recommend a number of exceptional climate-controlled self-storage facilities in the Genesee,CO area. These units are perfect if your needs require access to your belongings on a regular basis.

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Our secure storage area offers:
Climate-controlled warehouse units that stay cool in the summer and heated in the winter
Indoor units that stay completely dry and secure
Fully-enclosed units and vaults
Completely separated units locked by a master key
Autonomously secure vaults
High security and limited access
No customer access without scheduling an appointment
Security cameras and remote alarms
Competitive pricing
Storage Rates
We accept cards for storage payments. No cash or checks, please.

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Our storage are well equipped with state of the art facilities like smoke detectors, 24X7 dedicated security and CCTV monitoring, barcode assisted inventory management system, biometric security system and pest safe premises. We store your belongings with all necessary care using wooden pallets, bubble sheet packing and carton boxes.

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Moving In & Out: Tenants agree that if they are not using Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc., the chosen vendor must provide licensing, worker’s compensation, and list Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. as Additionally Insured prior to scheduling the move. Self move-ins to storage facilities are not allowed.

We are a one stop destination for all your storage needs. If you are traveling, renovating your house, running out of space or looking for storage space on rental for your households and automobiles, Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. is the right place with wide range of storage solutions.

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Vaulting & Ground Storage: Our facility uses both vaulting and ground storage. We choose the type of storage for our clients based on availability, efficiency, or by special request. If you plan to visit your unit frequently, we recommend that you request ground storage. Ground storage are units bolted to the ground with a locking door that can be easier to organize. Vaulting has benefits as well, such is quicker loading and unloading time because the storage can be brought right to the back of the truck with a forklift. Both types of storage work great for nearly any household move.
Contact us at 303-296-0483 to book your storage space, or to help answer any questions.