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Conifer Piano Movers

Piano Movers Conifer CO
Piano Moving
We handle your move with care.
Are you looking to move a gorgeous piano into your home, but not sure how to get it through the doorway? Have no fear, Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. is here and more than ready to help! We are full-service piano movers with years of combined experience who move any and every type of piano. This includes spinet pianos, upright pianos, player pianos, baby grand pianos, and grand pianos.

Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc.: Piano Movers in Conifer

We also service both residential and commercial clients. Whether moving the piano to a different room in your home or bringing it into a restaurant or office lobby, we can assure you we will get it through the door! We utilize the safest and most effective methods for piano moving, to ensure that your piano does not get harmed in any way during the relocation.

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Our dedicated team understands how priceless a piano can be, which is why we are always cautious during any moves and handle your possessions like they are our own.

Do You Move Houses?
Yes, we have proudly moved thousands of residents within CT and look forward to your next residential move.
Do You Load / Unload Pods / Containers?
Yes. We offer professional loading/unloading. With our loads your goods are safe to travel around the world
Do You Move Condos?
Yes, we certainly do.
Do You Protect the Floors in Our Home?
Yes. We will lay out floor runners/pads.
Do You Protect Furniture?
Yes. All of your fragile/Delicate items will be protected with our clean moving blankets.
Do You Load / Unload Rental Trucks?
Yes. Have our professionals load your rental truck to make your move easy. Have the peace of mind that all goods will arrive in the same condition they were loaded.

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How Can I Save Money on My Move?
Be ready/prepared for your move
Have all walk ways clear?
Have all wall hangings removed from wall?
Have furniture disassembled (beds taken apart, mirrors removed from dressers, dining room table removed)
Reassemble furniture at new destination
Have all boxes placed in one area of main level at new destination
Pack your own boxes
Have professional movers move only your big items
Move all smaller items yourself
Have a plan on where furniture will be placed at new destination
Donate unwanted goods
Declutter prior to moving day

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How Can I Expedite My Moving Process?
Pack prior to move day
All boxes taped and clearly labeled
All walkways cleared out
All pets secured and out of way of professional movers
Have furniture prepped and ready to go
All electronics taken apart and cords wrapped up
Have all boxes stacked in one area on main living area prior to mover’s arrival
All wall hangings off of wall and in one area on main level prior to mover’s arrival
Have all boxes delivered to one area of main living area at new destination
Have all wall hangings delivered to one area of main living are at new destination
Have a layout/ floor plan of where goods will be placed at new destination
Make sure all loose items are packed
Get rid of unwanted goods prior to your move
How to Properly Pack My Boxes?
To start make sure box is properly taped on bottom to support weight of packed goods, layer the bottom of box with packing paper to form a soft cushioned bottom, start by packing heavier items on bottom working to lightest goods on top, make sure to use plenty of packing paper, packing peanuts or foam to protect your goods, after one layer is packed make another layered cushion of packing paper on top and start filling box again, this will create an extra layer of cushion inside your packed box, make sure there are no empty spaces and make sure nothing is shifting around inside your box, always pack your box all the way to the top (this will allow for a crush free box). Once packed to top fold flaps in and use 3 pieces of tape to ensure top will stay closed. Now it is time to label your box properly.

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Handy Packing Tips for Easy Unpacking
Never mix contents from different rooms inside same box / keep like items together
Clearly label your boxes
Keep all household cleaners together
Keep all laundry detergents/liquids together
Don’t make boxes too heavy
Preparing for a Piano Move
If you have hired a professional moving company like Colorado Premiere Moving & Storage Inc. to move your piano into or around your residence or business, you may want to prepare beforehand. Below is a list of helpful tips to help you prepare before movers come to move your piano:
Put away any pets who can get in the way
Make sure small children are confined to an area that isn’t where the move will not be taking place
Move any toys or small furniture that could be in the mover’s path
Have a destination for the piano already chosen
Make sure that space where you plan on putting the piano is cleaned, cleared, and ready for the piano to be there for a long duration
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